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Automotive Projects

I’ve had a lifelong passion for both cars and technology, and I combined these during my time working at Mahindra Reva (Mahindra’s electric vehicle venture), where I headed corporate strategy planning. Beyond overall product and technology strategy, I worked on intellectual property, new technology sourcing strategy, global distribution, branding, and research projects with universities; developed next-generation telematics / infotainment and web services; and more.

Mahindra Halo

Urban Electric Sports Car

I led a seed team beginning work on an urban electric sports car. The idea was to bring an enjoyable yet practical, commute-capable, zero-emissions driving experience to residents of crowded cities, at an affordable price point. The car later debuted, in concept form, at the 2014 New Delhi Auto Expo as the Mahindra Halo.

Mahindra e2o

Affordable Electric City Car

I helped get the Mahindra e2o launch-ready. The e2o is a compact, affordable battery electric vehicle sold globally. It features spaceframe construction with dent-proof, paint-free (color-infused) composite body panels; smartphone / web-connected telematics; emergency battery reserve (REVive); fast charging support; and more.

I manned the Mahindra Reva stage at the 2012 New Delhi Auto Expo, where the car was launched, and had a fascinating time on the other side of the rope barrier, introducing thousands of people to electric and connected mobility for the first time.